Season 4 Video Archive







RSH S4E9: Arkansas duck season ends with a bang! (added 3/5/14)

RSH S4E8: Brothers, Anthony & Brandon head to Missouri for prime time rut action!(added 2/26/14)

RSH S4E7: Late season big buck action!! (added 2/16/14)

RSH S4E6: Ducks down in Arkansas! (added 1/5/13)

RSH S4E5: 6 out of 7 youth punch tags at Illinois Xtreme Whitetails and working hard to get a shooter in bow range (added 12/16/13)

RSH S4E4: Bucks hit the dirt! (added 11/8/13)

RSH S4E3: Getting food plots in place and cameras out. (added 9/18/13)

RSH S4E2: Getting food plots in place and cameras out. (added 9/18/13)

RSH S4E1: Summer management projects and velvet bucks. (added 8/21/13)

RSH 3.14: Summer work and play. (added 7/5/13)

RSH 3.13: Planting summer food plots. (added 6/9/13)

RSH 3.12:Rusty Slover and son Heath put the hammer down on a big gobbler. (added 4/26/13)

RSH 3.11: Brett and Brook get up close and personal with some turkeys in Hattiesburg, MS. (added 4/19/13)

RSH 3.10: Two Simpson County longbeards hit the dirt! (added 4/2/13)

RSH 3.9: Round up of the end of deer season. (added 3/21/12)

RSH 3.8: Brook gets another doe while trent films (added 1/18/13)

RSH 3.7: Brook is on the board with a doe! (added 12/28/12)

RSH 3.6: Tyler Warren and his crew have a dynamite trip! (added 12/24/12)

RSH 3.5: Introducing Richie and Michele Womack (added 12/24/12)

RSH 3.4: Introducing Paul and Logan Barnard (added 12/24/12)

RSH 3.3: Doe kill and update on buck movement (added 11/16/12)

RSH 3.2: Two friends and two serious bow hunters (added 10/12/12)

RSH 3.1: It's been a long summer! (added 10/1/12) It's been a long summer! We've been busy improving habitat and monitoring trail cams trying to make this season one for the record books!


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